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Kerakoll Design House is an integrated project featuring innovative materials – cement, resin,
handcrafted wood, micro-coatings, paints and glazes – coordinated in a single colour palette.
A new style of interior design, where the environments and the walls merge into each other: materials, textures and colours blend together. Floors and coatings, walls, fixtures,
furnishing accessories, lighting and heating fixtures all become a single seamless surface.

Kerakoll Furniture

✓ Integrated project of innovative subjects.

✓ New interior design style

✓ Coordinated materials and colors in a young style.

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Barni happening & house

  • The team of professionals, architects and designers, ready to recommend new and dedicated solutions.
  • Analysis of your housing space.
  • Consultancy and planning to fully finalise all your wishes.
  • Delivery and installation.
  • Showroom with ample private parking.
  • Authorized Dealer Kerakoll.