Custom made

Exclusive design service
Arredamento custom made

Bespoke furniture

Craftsmanship service for the client.

The designer is usually defined as “interior designer” and has the scope of designing the environments, not just from the esthetical point of view, but also from the practical and functional one. To optimize the management of the space, choose the materials and apply the technologies, with the aim of guaranteeing functionality and comfort, so that the ensemble is nice to see and live!

Luxury: 110 with honours

Selected professionals, exclusive projects
and the best top-of-the-range solutions.

Interior design and refined furnishing, for a dream home!
A unique designing, an unequivocal style and a customized choreography created by using high-quality furnishings. Classic environments contrast with a minimalist design, characterized by new styles: two different ways of living luxury. Luxury is the service for those whom are in search of elegant and prestigious realizations.

Project: we look forward to your contact and to your request.

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Arredamento di lusso
Arredamento di lusso
Arredamento di lusso
Arredamento di lusso

Exclusive design service

The excellence of design meets the maximum service quality

The Custom-Made furnishing is our top-level service, generated in order to promote an experience of pure luxury in the furnishing, by using all our best master craftsmen for the realization of an exclusive and unique interior design project.
Singleness and refined tailoring are the key words.
Our designers speak your language, they will reach you in your city and they will accompany and follow you, thus creating a choreography for your personal project.
The same project will pass through the ancient experience of the Italian artisanal hands, works of the historic workshops, fragrances of the researched wood essences.
All this in the opposite direction of mass products, not because evaluated qualitatively poor, but because lacking unicity and tailoring, namely the Italian art which is loved all around the world.
This service is guaranteed world-wide.

Making the difference, being different to be unique. We firmly believe that the real secret of our environments is within the designer.
As designers, we are able to interpret as best as possible the home project for our client, especially by adding the right atmosphere thanks to the employment of exclusive and unique materials and thanks to the attention to the details in the processing our Custom-Made works.

This is the concept that makes the difference, interpretation, luxurious materials, details and workings.

We are pleased when we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers, finding the optimal solution to meet their needs.
We love managing the “customized”, starting from the small operations to the management of a complete project the “Custom Made”, with a tailored craftmanship on the distinctive architectural features of the space owned.
The willingness and the experience in the realization of something always unique leads us in the research of the elegance of a customized style using the widest range of materials, thus to satisfy the preference demanded.
The care for the minutest details makes Barni’s Custom-Made real and actual works of art.

Realizations: customized projects for any budget.

We like satisfying the most demanding clients, always finding the best solution. Take a look

Some materials

Scelta materiali arredamento
Scelta materiali arredamento


Different essence, more or less researched, used in a natural way or lacquered in matt transparent, clear shiny, sanded, polished, thermo-treated, lacquered on open porous or painted.


Metals inserted and set in our products and in the project, steel, aluminum, brass, cooper and bronze, chrome-plated, smoothed, matted, oxidized, anodized.


Leather with different grains, prints and curings, directly applied on furnishing parts, also with contrasting seam details.


Lacquering: non-toxic, from the most common opaque smooth or embossed lacquering, the shiny polyester lacquering, to the special lacquering, as metallic, mother-pearl and craquele.


Fabric of all types and for all tastes, from the most complex and worked ones, to the silks skillfully implemented in our furnishing solutions and our upholstered solutions.


Marbles implemented on furnishings, from the most common to the most luxurious, as the Onici, with different work effects.


Glasses with shiny, satin, varnished or reflecting effects.


Corian, Plexiglass, quartz and compounds.

Arredamento di lusso
Arredamento di lusso
Arredamento di lusso
Arredamento di lusso

Since 1987, we have realized the best Custom-Made design projects, performed on our design and tailored to the most sophisticated needs of our prestigious clientele.

We provide our caring activity in BrianzaItaly, which is near Milan, in the most famous area, recognized worldwide, for culture of Italian Design, for the cleverly designed and for the highest-quality canons and for the Made in Italy design solutions.

The activity is managed by the four members of the family, along with highly professional staff of 12 people that each day try to guarantee the highest service standard, to the care and attention in the installment carried-out by our 4 internal employees and performed world-wide. We operate in the main European Cities and not only: London, Wien, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Geneva, Moscow, Minsk, Zurich, NY and many more.

We offer our demanding customers a double opportunity, the whole Custom-Made tailored and designed project, but also the possibility to integrate it with pieces of furniture, complements and upholstered solutions of the most famous and prestigious Made in Italy brands, as for example:
Minotti, B&BItalia, Maxalto, Fiam, Porada, Porro, Flou, Boffi, as we manage two showrooms owned as official dealers of these brands.

Project we look forward to your contact and to your request.

We shall take care of your project! Contact us now



Firstly, we analyze the living space, keeping in mind its use, either a prestigious space to rent or for your personal use.

Identify the style

We identify your style based on your own taste and economical effort. From a contemporary and modern design style, to an opulent rich and bourgeois style.

Choosing of materials

We choose the most adequate and accurate materials, on the basis of the identified scope. Once the preliminary project has been outlined, we shall define with you the prestigious materials and details which shall make the difference in your realization.

Delivery and installation

We also take care of one of the most delicate steps, the installation, that will be directly carried-out by our installers and our internally employed technicians, as well as viewed by our architect on site, whom shall manage this delicate phase, until our and your satisfaction is the most complete possible.

Creation of an intuitive project

We create an initial intuitive design, by means of CAD charts, to show you how you can use your space, by providing different furnishing solutions and concepts.


We define the project in all its minute details and particulars, through technical charts and rendering simulations.

We update systematically

Once the production starts, we will constantly update you with regards to all the processing phases, sending you photos or videos on related to the ongoing state of the operations.

At Barni Happening & house you will find a wide selection of MARK products, including:

  • misuraemme
  • clei
  • henge
  • longhi
  • arcom
  • pallucco
  • miele
  • fontanaarte
  • ernestomeda
  • flou
  • fiam
  • ceccotti collezioni
  • creazioni
  • opera
  • Kerakoll
  • moda
  • benetti
  • b&b italia
  • mk
  • ditreitalia
  • knoll
  • sangiacomo
  • gaggenau
  • kasthall
  • aeg
  • tisca
  • maxalto
  • driade
  • porada
  • donghia
  • ak47
  • glas
  • foster
  • vg
  • ruckstuhl
  • boffi cucine
  • desalto
  • minottiitalia
  • laurameroni
  • inda
  • sahco
  • scholtes
  • penta
  • ingo
  • boffi bagni
  • porro
  • emmemobili
  • trep
  • neff
  • smeg
  • subzero
  • a
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